Return Your Subaru Lease near Boston at Clay Subaru

A Guide to Returning Your Lease at Clay Subaru

Are you nearing the end of your Subaru lease period? We hope that your Subaru vehicle has taken you on many adventures and memorable outings around New England over the past three years and we're here to ensure that returning your lease is as easy and convenient as possible.

With your lease end approaching, you're probably wondering what steps you need to take to return your lease vehicle and what options you have when you arrive to bring it back. At Clay Subaru in Norwood, it's our mission to make returning your lease a simple and straightforward process. That's why we're here to outline the lease end process and go over the multiple options you have when you return your vehicle to our Boston-area Subaru dealership.

Lease-End Inspection: What is it?

We want your lease end experience to be as smooth as possible. When you return your lease, it will be inspected for excessive wear and tear or damage. Rather than be blindsided by extra charges, we encourage you to get a lease end inspection before returning your vehicle. We suggest getting the lease end inspection around 90 days before your lease period ends so you have plenty of time to address any damage to your vehicle before returning it to our Norwood dealership.

The lease end inspection is free and it can be done at your house around Boston, at your office, or another location that's most convenient for you. The lease inspector will look over your vehicle for damage or excessive wear and tear and tell you the things that should be addressed before returning your lease vehicle.

Why is a Lease-End Inspection a Good Idea?

By having your vehicle inspected and knowing what excessive damage could be, you'll have plenty of time to address the outlined issues. You can address smaller scratches and scrapes, change your tires, have dents removed and more at your own convenience.

What's Considered Excessive Wear and Tear?

  • Cracks or starts in your windshield or other windows
  • Dents, deep scratches, and scrapes to the exterior and wheels
  • Excessive wear on the tires
  • Stains or tears to your upholstery

What Are My Lease End Options?

Lease a New Subaru

You can choose to lease a different Subaru model or the newest version of the vehicle you were driving before. We offer great lease deals on all our new Subaru models, allowing you to lease popular Subaru models for Massachusetts drivers like a new Outback, Crosstrek, Legacy, Impreza, Forester, or Ascent for a similar price to your current lease plan.

Buy Your Subaru Lease

You've likely become attached and used to the wonderful performance and accommodations offered by your current lease vehicle on your travels around Newton. That bond doesn't have to end just because your lease is up. Instead, you can purchase your current Subaru lease vehicle for a great price since you've already paid off a chunk during your lease period.

Turn in Your Lease

We want you to have the freedom to choose the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle and needs, so if you want to return your lease and weigh your options at home, that's ok with us. You can even return your Subaru lease vehicle here if you didn't lease it from us in the first place, making it easier for drivers all over Massachusetts to return their lease.

Contact Us with Any Questions About Returning Your Lease Today

If you have any questions about the lease end period, we invite you to contact us online or over the phone and we'll help you every step of the way to enjoy an easy and convenient lease end experience in Norwood.

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