The warm summer months present the perfect time to hop behind the wheel of your Subaru and head out on the open road. Whether you want to go visit some family or take in some scenic views in Norwood, Clay Subaru wants to make sure that your vehicle is going to be dependable for the long haul. There are a few routine maintenance items that you should be checking off your to-do list in the summer before the weather turns cold again.

Routine Oil Changes

Your typical oil change should occur once every 3,000 to 5,000-miles. If you put this maintenance job off for a bit because of the colder temperatures, now's a good time to bring your vehicle in for an oil change. If you haven't been following a proper oil change maintenance schedule, we can talk to you to find out what would be beneficial.

Tire Service

If you still have that winter set of tires on your automobile, now is the time to get them off. If you leave them on for too long, this can end up damaging your Subaru's tires in Boston. Swap them out for an all-season variety of summer performance set. Make sure that we inspect all of your tires to make sure your tread is in good shape.

Topping Off Fluids

It doesn't take long for us to check and top off your fluids, but this is a very important maintenance item. We'll take care of things like oil, coolant, anti-freeze, and windshield wiper fluid. Not only can we add more fluids to your vehicle, but we want to make sure that the quality of fluid in your vehicle is acceptable. Discolored fluids of any kind will indicate a problem is going on.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Clay Subaru's service center, give us a call today. We frequently have car service coupons that can help you save money on some of this service. You can check out our website or talk to one of our technicians on the phone to find out more. We look forward to meeting you!

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